Cultivating Kingdom Leaders

We are a church dedicated to living out our mission of Connect. Grow. Go. Moved to action by our desire to make disciples and win the lost, we’ve created CPLC. The purpose of CPLC is to raise up Kingdom-minded individuals who lead with passion, integrity, and wisdom. Through hands-on ministry experience, rich mentorships, and Biblical education we’re cultivating leaders today for the church of tomorrow.

Pick Your Path

Do you feel called to something greater—a pull to change and inspire the community and world around you?  Whether you are just beginning your education journey, completing it, or looking for a change, CPLC has a path for you.  

Our intensive leadership program includes an internship track that can also earn educational credit toward a degree program for students enrolled with Evangel University.

Ministry Strategy

The Ministry Strategy track exists to educate interns on the inner workings of church ministries behind the scenes. Ministry must be worked on to ensure efficiency or else ministry can become stagnant, preference oriented, or eventually become ineffective all together. In this track, interns will learn the importance of teamwork and the necessity for consistency in mission, vision, goals, and strategies.

Furthermore, interns will get the opportunity to develop their own collaboration skills, participate in problem solving with various ministries, and eventually learn to lead some collaborative meetings. This track works well being partnered with other ministry tracks so interns see the strategies from the view of an outsider and from the view of an insider in a specific ministry.


The Discipleship ministry at Connection Point strives to follow the Great Commission to make more and better disciples. The goal is to connect people to encourage one another to grow spiritually and to become our vision of a dream disciple who LEADS– one who Loves Christ Above All, Engages is Spiritual Growth, Actively Serves, Disciples Others, and Shares Christ. This is accomplished through our Discipleship Academy Courses, Life Groups, and Topical Groups.


Outreach at Connection Point Church involves extending our presence and mission beyond the walls of our church to engage with the broader community. It encompasses a variety of activities and programs aimed at meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of people in our locality and beyond. Outreach opportunities can include organizing food drives, providing support for local organizations, working with the various schools, and hosting community events. Through outreach, we embody the teachings of Christ, demonstrating His love and compassion in practical, tangible ways.

Young Adult

The Young Adults Ministry at Connection Point Church exists to point young people toward the calling that God has placed on their lives, and to help them find ways to live out that calling. Through our services, our small groups, and special events we aim give young adults a safe place to build a relationship with Jesus Christ and discover their purpose.

As a CPC YA intern you will assist on the logistical side of services and events (including set up, tear down, and general flow of events), learn how to facilitate and lead in a small group setting, learn how to effectively run a brainstorming session for things such as events or sermon series, and get practical, hands-on experience in ministering to people from different spiritual backgrounds.


The Kids Ministry at Connection Point Church believes in connecting the Word of God to kids in an environment designed just for them, all while mixing in a little crazy, some loud, and a lot of fun!
Through our three interactive Sunday Worship Experiences, we aim to give kids an environment to worship together, create healthy relationships with one another and ultimately grow their walk with Christ even
while they’re young.

As a Kids Point intern, you will play a vital role in all that has to happen “behind the scenes” in preparing for weekly services, such as set up, tear down, and some office work. You will learn how to prepare lessons that target kids at their age and lead those lessons in a large and small group setting during our services.


The student ministry at CPC seeks to present practical, biblically accurate theology to help students become all that God has created them to be. To have a well-rounded approach, The Point incorporates different ministry methods to reach students exactly where they’re at. At The Point, we eat together, pray together, watch movies together—all the things that real families do.

As an intern with The Point, you can expect to learn and implement leadership principles, gain a deep understanding of the “why” behind student ministry, develop evangelism strategies, and be involved in all aspects of student ministry. The Point is passionate about offering a service that incorporates every aspect of a fully developed ministry including media, worship, hospitality, small groups, meal nights, and much more.


The Worship Arts ministry at CPC consists of musicians, vocalists, and sound techs. The goal of the Worship Ministry is to create an atmosphere of worship and to lead people to encounter God through a time of singing, adoration, praise, thanksgiving, and repentance.

As an intern with the Worship Ministry, you will be a part of worship practices, ministry experiences with adults, students, and children, help prepare behind-the-scenes, be trained in sound, and develop musical skills and stage presence.

*Choosing the Worship Ministry Track does not qualify an individual for becoming a part of the CPC worship team.


The Media ministry at Connection Point strives to build a robust strategy toward creating a digital footprint and connecting people digitally to the gospel. The creative team works to communicate our “brand” through digital, graphical, video, and other mediums.

The interns can expect to learn how to plan and organize a message series from conception to fruition. Interns will also discover how the creative team works with the varied ministries within CPC to communicate their vision. Interns will be a part of how the Media team builds the Sunday experience and become acquainted with the varied technology and software it takes to accomplish the tasks. Inters desiring to work in media will have the opportunity to learn programs, serve on the media team during worship experiences, and create content.

Pastoral Leadership

The Pastoral Leadership track exists to offer leadership, care, and overall spiritual oversight to the congregation and ministry of CPC. As spiritual leaders, pastors are responsible for leading the church to fulfill its mission by following clear Biblical principles. By leading the care of the congregation, pastors act as shepherds. In terms of spiritual oversight, pastors are responsible for the management of the church physically, financially, organizationally, and spiritually.

As an intern in the Pastoral Leadership track, you will be supervised by the head pastor and the executive pastor at CPC. Each week, you will receive training in the areas of leadership, operations, shepherding, sermon writing and presentation, and more. Because the Pastoral role expands to every ministry in the church, interns will have the opportunity to serve in several ministries where they can learn varying Pastoral leadership roles and principles. Pastoral Leadership interns must choose a secondary ministry track, as well.

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Ministry Leadership Program

An immersive experience that will help prepare you for the next steps in ministry! Over the course of 10 months, you can expect to gain invaluable ministry experience, grow deeper in your faith, and strengthen your leadership skills. By investing your time working alongside passionate and experienced ministry leaders, you will leave our program more prepared for life and ministry than ever before.   

Hybrid Program

The Hybrid Program offers flexibility for busy schedules and blends online leadership training with on-campus ministry experience. Over the course of 10 months, you can expect to gain invaluable ministry experience, grow deeper in your faith, and strengthen your leadership skills.

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Degree-Seeking Program

Incorporates the Ministry Leadership Program and includes college credits through a partnership with Evangel University. Students/interns can enroll in online courses for credit in conjunction with their internship experience. Various online bachelor’s degree options are available.

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