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God is the author of our stories and often, we get in the way of His plan for our lives when we try and take control of the narrative. However, when we give him full control, we will see His hands work and watch as our storyboards unfold. Storyboards are always being changed, adapted and molded into something new. Our testimony is the same as a storyboard; we are not complete—and neither is our testimony.
The movie, A Knight’s Tale, asks the question, “Can a man change his stars?” In other words, are one’s origins what define the person? Society places importance on how our financial, cultural, or relational setting dictates who we are or become. Still, the Bible says otherwise. God has no predisposed preferences in who He calls or who He uses. You may come from a broken home, addiction and abuse may “run” in your family, and the enemy may be whispering that you will never amount to anything. But if our life and trust are in the hands of Jesus, He qualifies the unqualified. And in John’s story, we see that God can indeed change a man’s stars.

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