Join A Group!

Groups at CPC are a way to keep everyone connected and growing in their faith through Jesus Christ. Not only do we offer home-style groups, but we also have several groups designed to help meet your needs through our Growth Groups.

Growth Group Sign-Ups

These groups meet during specific dates and cover  a variety of topics.  Growth Groups are short-term groups that range from larger group that meet on CPC’s campus, or in a smaller settings.  New topics begin every few months!

Authentic Manhood | 33 Men’s Study

Understand what it means to be an authentic man according to the Bible. 

Daniel | part 2

Daniel chapters 7-12 are the prophetic chapters. Join David Hilliard as he helps make sense of the symbolism and complex passages that point to end-times prophecies. 

1 John Growth Group

Children of the Day

Trouble is always going to follow you. In the midst of crises, bad medical diagnoses, broken relationships, doubts, and fears, let your vision be set on God’s Presence. Join us for an in-depth study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians as we press in together to learn God’s plan for us.


Are you a teacher suffering from burnout? Well, this group is for you! Come join other educational professions and regain your passion again!

Group Study Material 

Below is the study material that is pulled from the current  message series. 

What Is A Disciple?
Big Picture of A Disciple
The Unashamed Disciple
Pray and Fast
The Disciple’s Character
The Disciple’s Generosity
The Disciple’s Worship
Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart
The Great Adventure
Promise Revealed
Promise of Freedom
Promise of Advent
The Promise of A King
The Promise Continues